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Travel Alert

We at Hike Himalaya Adventure strongly believe that it is our major responsibility to inform you with the correct information in the places we want you to travel with us which helps you to identifying whether your tour operator is genuine/legal operator or it is just a scam and fraud one. Unfortunately, in the most developing countries around the world, it is not uncommon that people try to make easy money, no matter it is through the illegal way. We have a clear understanding that it is you to be well informed before you book any trip. As a traveler, it is very difficult to know whether you are dealing with legal operators no not. So we are here to assist you. There is no point you support the individual tour operator or freelance guide. Promoting them means, in a way you are involving in the illegal action or you are supporting and enhancing the illegal practices. BE AWARE! It is your responsibility to obey the rules and regulations, to respect the cultures and values to the places you travel.

We have numerous incidents and examples of illegal operations where travelers were cheated or they were troubled, forced to pay unwanted costs or provided a very low level of services than the deal etc. Or sometimes the travelers are looted, or disappeared. Sometimes it is also heard that the tourists were threatened into the unknown and wild region, or even murdered.

So do NOT go with cheap and unreliable! Rather make a wiser decision. We believe that your holiday should leave an amazing experience. It should be a lifetime experience rather than a HUGE mistake!

Please go through the link to check us-
So we strongly advise you that forget about all of those things. Don’t trust the person or any organization until they prove you that they are legal. Besides, we urge the travelers and trekkers to know whether the agency/ tour operator/ tour company is financially secured or not, whether the company staffs are fully insured against the accidents or not, whether the company is environmentally and ecologically responsible or not. Some companies might be operating the trekking or tours even though their licenses are expired. Moreover, it is also the ill practice that there are some operators doing treks and tours without the licensed guides and staffs. To do a tour operator or to be a tour/trek/adventure company or agency, one has to be registered into the following departments of government of Nepal-