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Hike Himalaya Adventure Pvt. Ltd.
GPO: 6062, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Fax: +977 1 4432044
Hunting Line:
Cell: +61 0491982104
e: info@hikehimalayaadventure.com

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Why travel with HHA

If you have a spark for adventure, a fondness for medieval cultures, or to trek into the high & wild with all the safety measures, where we give value added service for what you pay for, then Hike Himalaya Adventure is your ideal travel agent! Read through below to get the feel of why people prefer to travel with us:

A Government Lisenced Holder Agency
Hike Himalaya Adventure is a fully Government authorized company, well known and established agency in Nepal.For details about legal documents click here.

Hike Himalaya Adventure is a highly practical tour operator
HHA founder has over a decade of experience as a Tour/trek guide on the trails & is also a Post Graduate student of Travel and Tourism Management. Prakash has been through all the major mountain trails of Nepal, giving him deep insights into what it takes to plan good detailed itineraries that are highly useful when trekking into the Himalayas. All of our porters and guides are hired accordingly to meet superior standards. Hike Himalaya Adventure was founded upon well-experienced guides and sensitive knowledge of the nation’s culture, religion, history and terrain.

Well tailored tours to suit your needs
At Hike Himalaya Adventure, we use our in-depth experience picked up over the years to organize tours that truly match with your needs. Whether you are looking for a budget tour, luxury tour treks in the mountains, as a group or individual; we have the expertise to offer you the best.

We treat our guides & porters like family:
Unlike the majority of trekking companies in Nepal, employees of Hike Himalaya Adventure receive fixed, monthly salaries. Freelance employees are also paid a decent wage. More importantly, we provide constant training. Every employee gets the opportunity for personal development, delivered via courses in English, about nature, history, and ongoing training as a mountain guide with techniques and safety precautions ... along with this; we provide full insurance policy that is determined by Government of Nepal for all our trekking guides, climbers and porters. This unique insurance covers the cost of health care if injured or sick and serves a gratuity fund if any employee is physically disabled. We treat our employees as valuable assets.

We Love & Respect the local folks & the Environment
Hike Himalaya Adventure is truly conscious of the importance of preserving the natural beauty and culture of Nepal, so that future generations can also explore the wonders of this fragile environment. We are therefore committed to responsible travel with minimum impact on the environment and local communities.

Communication with us at your pace!
Professional service requires that we serve you according to your precise requirements. Hike Himalaya Adventure provides all the necessary services so that your travel dreams come true and you are always free to keep in touch with us by phone, email or even instant messenger if you desire so.

We never compromise on giving you the cream of the best!
We never hesitate to go the extra mile when it comes to providing elite services right from the time to our meeting you at the airport and even when you are out with us in the wild on some of the roughest territory on earth. We ensure that you interact with the local folks on the trails so that you get upfront knowledge about the cultures & lifestyles of how people live their lives on some of the most remote corners on the planet.

To find out about a trek to Everest base camp, the Annapurna and many other hot destinations in Nepal, click here to learn about our company, the environment and our history of services to our fellow beings…