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Visitor Facts

Information on†travelling to Tibet

When to Visit?
From April to November is the perfect time to head up to Tibet. Tibet is not as cold as it sounds. During tourist season it is cold at night and warm and sunny during the day. The temperature falls dramatically in shade and at night. For the festivals the best months are February, March and June-September.

Chinese visa and travelling permit
All visitors entering Tibet require a SPECIAL TRAVEL PERMIT. Chinese visa, obtained by the visitors in their home town will not be valid entering into Tibet. The Chinese Government will not give out visas to single people, only groups of 4 people or more. The Chinese government encourages (strongly) travellers to enter the country in groups. So that all our tour is in joining group basic. You are requested to submit us the following passport information at least 18 days before trip departure for visa procedure. At least 2 days before tour commencement, original passports must require

1. Name in full (as in passport):
2. Sex:
3. Nationality:
4. Passport Number:
5. Date of birth:
6. Occupation:

Temperature & Clothing
Average temperature in Tibet is 5 to 20 degree Celsius in the month of April through October. During trekking season, the night temperature in the mountain areas often falls below freezing.

Recommended clothing to travel Tibet
You are required to have adequate warm clothes to save from extreme cold. Itís better to dress in layers that can be easily put on & off as required. It is advisable to carry a raincoat because snow or rain can also occur sometimes.

-Thermal underwear, woollen or silk long sleeve tops & bottoms
-Woollen shirts, pullover, pants, socks, hat, gloves & scarves
-Down jacket or wind breaker
-Good walking boots or shoes
-Sun hat, sun glass, suntan lotion, torch light, pen knife
-Medicine for common colds, headache, diarrhoea & Diamox against altitude sickness

It is necessary to be physically fit & healthy to participate on our Tibet tour. Even if, there is no particular age limit guideline, children below 10 years or elderly people exceeding 75 years are advised not to take participation. Doctor's medical certificate is essential for trip participation. Those who suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems require a medical certificate from your doctor.

All the clients travelling to Tibet must have full insurance against medical and person accident risk, natural calamities, political instability, etc.

08 hours ahead of GMT. Note Tibet is linked to Beijing time so when you cross the border to Nepal the time change is considerable. Nepal is 5 hours and 45 minutes ahead of GMT.

How to Enter Tibet?
By Air:
This unique land is now easily accessible from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Schedule air services fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa, and back every Tuesday and Saturday with additional flights on Thursdays from July. This flight lasts a little over one hour and gives you a panoramic view of the Himalayas.

By Land: The Friendship Highway starts from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, crossing Hangmu Friendship Bridge( SinoNepal Friendship Bridge) at Kodari to Neyalamu County in Tibet and crosses Shigatse-- the second largest city of Tibet to the capital of Tibet-Lhasa. It covers a distance of more than 900 km. We are also blessed is easy to have a view of Mt. Everest when take this road.

We have different package tour programs to this fascinating land. They will give you a reason to get up early. Please check out Programs by clicking link below TRAVEL SERVICE. A trip not is missed in this lifetime!