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History and Geography

So when I ask myself why Bhutan is one of the best places in the world for a travellers, I remain awed by the answers that come up in my mind. Is it because that this land is blessed by nature with the most picturesque sceneries thatI could ever witness? Is it because of the different mix of people that reside in a cultural mix so unique that it harbors one of the lasts of Mahayana Buddhism? Is it the challenging trails that force me to exert my full limit and asks for an ounce more whenever I do? May be its some of them, may be its all, but I am sure that I won’t regret spending $250 dollars a day in this majestic land.

Being a home for a handful of ecosystems, Bhutan is culturally diverse with great geographical and climatic variations. It holds a reputation for being one of the world’s ten most important biodiversity hotspots. With a country divided into three land forms – the highs, the midlands and the lows, the landscape of Bhutan that combines the variety ultimate trekker desires. The Jigme Singye Wnagchuk National Park is one of the most visited spots in Bhutan. This park is famous for its ecological diversity and beautiful creatures inhabiting it.

One of the most spectacular event in Bhutan is the Tshechu, a celebration held every year in various temples and monasteries throughout the country. The exact time of this event varies from one region to another, one temple to another and more specifically from one cultural gathering to another. People gather around from various villages to witness the religious mask dancers, who are the spotlights of the event. Dating back to the 8th century, this cultural event is finned with colorful Bhutanese dancers and other forms of entertainment that keeps you captivated.

Being one of the most popular sites for trekking, Bhutan is well known for its challenging trekking routes. Among them the Druk path is the most commonly used trekking route that traces from the city of Paro to the capital Thimpu. The route, not to mention, is filled with challenges that makes every drop of sweat count. Given the spectacles along the route, one is bound to be mesmerized by the scenery and give a little attention to the difficulties that stray ahead because of the scenic rewards enroute.